An answer?

by Oak Hill Studio

So here’s where things get a little interesting. Sometimes in my quest to search for answers to difficult questions, the obvious is obscured.

When Luke and Michaela were quite young, I decided to teach them how to play the piano. Even though I had never taught piano before, it seemed as natural a thing to do as teaching them to tie their shoes. I was inexperienced, but ready for the challenge!

I took lessons myself throughout childhood and have had a piano in our home since shortly after marrying, which is rather interesting too. I remember well that first, rather large and heavy piano that we got for free from a friend. It took several guys with ropes to lower it in to our tiny, two room basement apartment. It wasn’t the best sounding piano, but I loved it and even spent hours sanding, finishing, painting it, and playing it!


Our stay in that little apartment was short-lived; within a couple of years we were heading to the next stop in Bill’s educational journey. Since we were moving across country with a pick-up pulling a trailer full of our meager possessions, I had to say good-bye to my dear piano.  I often wonder what ever happened to that piano.  I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to haul such a (super) heavy piano up a narrow flight of steps!

My mother was our church organist for years, and music has always been very near and dear to her heart. And so, I suppose it’s not too surprising that shortly after arriving in my home state of IL, she suggested I take my Grandmother’s piano. My Grandmother had died a few years prior and the piano hadn’t seen much use since my uncle had taken lessons as a boy, but it fit nice and snug in our little campus apartment. I was pregnant at the time with Luke, and in just a few short years, we would be hefting the spinet piano into a u-haul on its way to our next stop in MS where Bill would be getting his PhD. And yes, our new home would be another tiny college campus apartment! It wasn’t easy living in the midst of rowdy college kids, so we prayed God would provide a house for us to rent. Within 6 months, we moved into a lovely country home with two huge oaks flanking a perfect little porch that extended the length of the house. Needless to say, I didn’t get too much piano playing during those three years of young motherhood.

Before long, it was time to pack up yet again, and yes, the piano made the move with us back to New England, where it found its place in the home we live in today.

Stay tuned…this really does have something to do with the question I mentioned in my last post!