The big question..

by Oak Hill Studio

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“So, what will you do with all your time now that you’re done with homeschooling?”

Many friends and family had asked me this $24k question of the year once they learned that Luke would be going to college and Michaela  to a local high school in the fall of last year. I admit, the question had unsettled me at times and I felt like I really didn’t have time to give it much thought. Right on through last summer I was kept preoccupied with other things as we made preparations for the kids’ shifting educational gears and didn’t have time to consider the seismic shifts on the horizon of my own life.

It seems like an obvious consideration for every homeschooling mom to ask herself through the years–just what would my occupation be once I had worked myself out of a job? But for me, homeschooling was my main focus and kept me busy right up to the very end. So, there I was at the end of August asking myself the tough question that everyone had been asking me for months.

My first thoughts shifted to new career paths. Hadn’t other women begun their careers later in life? Certainly, I could too! Although I do have a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture, it really didn’t seem practical. I had worked in the field at various points prior to having children as well as later doing small design jobs several years back. But with the economic downturn and especially my lack of optimism about such prospects, it wasn’t a serious consideration. Well, how about going back to school, I thought. I was tempted a bit by this idea–specifically going back to become a school guidance counselor. I enjoy working with kids and have a little experience working with people in that capacity. I spent a fair amount of time looking into this option, but in the end, I just couldn’t see myself being locked in to a job situation with little wiggle room. I had grown quite comfortable with the independence of thought that settles in to a homeschool mindset. In short, I’d much rather be my own boss–not that I’ll never reconsider this or other similar options.

As time went by though, one other option that I hadn’t taken seriously began to take shape and appeal to me more and more.

More to come…