My preferences

by Oak Hill Studio

I have never been good with answering the question, “What is your favorite _______?”  I just never seem to be able to narrow it down to one thing.  When I read Susan’s preference list, it seemed doable, though to be honest, I don’t feel super strongly about several of the following, except for those near the bottom.  Well, here goes.

I prefer….

quiet to noise

lamplight to whole room lighting

subtle, natural hues to bright colors

meditative to informational reading

books to magazines

country to city

slow to fast living

wood floors to carpet

classic to modern styles

speed walking to running

mountains to plains

strings to horns

spring to fall

reading a book to any kind of electronic media

farm fresh eggs to store bought

streams to ponds

natural to synthetic

white wine to red

lingering meals to fast food

a few close friends to many acquaintances

a few meaningful possessions to a house full of stuff

vacations in nature to touristy places

comfort to style (when they cannot coexist)

early morning to late night

Western (US) skies to Eastern

barely sweet to super sweet

breakfast to lunch

embroidery to cross stitch

The following preferences I have grown to feel pretty strongly about in recent years, but don’t always have success with carrying out:

Studying Jesus to Theology/Doctrine (esp. when detached from the person of Christ)

Teaching by example to using words

Loving to condemning

Forgiving to harboring bitterness

Being merciful to being judgmental

And that’s probably enough!  🙂