Feathered Friends

by Oak Hill Studio


The ladies are so generously supplying us with three eggs a day–one per chicken, that is.


They really are a gentle lot.  I love visiting them each morning.  They are especially happy to see me when I have a few crusts to toss their way!


This rafter~I had to look that one up!~ of turkeys caught be by surprise one afternoon.  As I glimpsed them out of the kitchen window, my first thought

was, “Oh, no, the turkeys are out!!…..Oh, wait, we don’t have turkeys.”

This is not the first time we’ve seen various fowl hanging out near the chicken coop.  All summer, we had a pair of pheasants living on the hill.

We’d see them in the early mornings feeding on various insects and worms in the field.

It was a sad day for us and our hill neighbors when we discovered the male was hit by a car on a nearby well traveled road.

I took a few pictures early in the summer, but unfortunately can’t find them now.  The male was really beautiful though, with his bright red and green neck!

We didn’t notice any young ones, but are hopeful that somehow we’ll have another pair next year!