Yesterday morning…

by Oak Hill Studio

I love morning routine, and this time of year especially.  The raspberries are coming on strong now.  For the next month or so, I expect to gather a bowl full nearly every  morning.  They are just getting going, so the amount shown here will likely double or triple.  I couldn’t resist taking this picture yesterday morning after picking.  I love the colors!   The little blue colander was one of my recent finds at one of my favorite stores, TJ Maxx.  It is just the right size to rinse a small amount for breakfast.   And the peaches…well, I wish I could say they too came from our yard, but alas, they came from the supermarket, though they are Eastern peaches, so I imagine they didn’t have to travel too far!  They are still a little firm and are ripening up a bit in the morning sunlight of our sunroom.

This is the first week of my new “normal” and I have to say that my morning routine, though quieter without everyone about, has been quite enjoyable.  I’ve even been inspired to go a bit out of my way to make myself some out of the ordinary breakfasts.  I have been trying to put a little more effort into the whole process of food preparation and presentation, trying to eat  a variety of colorful, healthy foods, as well as considering how it all looks while I’m eating.   I’m good and hungry after finishing my morning walk, so it really was nice to sit down to this.

Notice how golden yellow the eggs are!  That’s because they are fresh!  (and very yummy!) They come from our little hens that we purchased this spring.  They began laying a few days before we returned from vacation.  After going without for several months, I had forgotten the big difference between store and fresh eggs!

I thought I might have a picture of the hens, but I guess not.  They are quite pretty–Rhode Island Reds, and I really like their gentle manners.  Our last batch seemed to be always squabbling, and whenever I threw over some bread crumbs they would fight and argue about who got what.  Not these little ladies.  So far, they have shown some modesty and restraint.  I like that.  Well, I’ll have to do a photo shoot sometime.  I’ll just finish up with a few pics from around the yard.

Nasturtiums…a first for me this year.

Heirloom tomatoes…great in BLT’s!

I have never grown such healthy eggplants! We have six plants, and each has had about 8-10 eggplants. Needless to say, we’ve shared quite a few!

They’re also getting quite large!