Summer where have you gone?

by Oak Hill Studio

It was a beautiful day for Luke’s graduation celebration!

Food, family, friends…


Hiking at 14k feet.

Beauty everywhere!

Garden of the Gods.


Hiking at Great Sand Dunes.

Evening storm over the mesa.

Pueblo cliff dwelling at Mesa Verde.

And a few more less formal pics…

We had a good laugh at this shot caught as Bill was making his way down the trail. We do not know the lady, but had to laugh at what she might have been thinking as Bill passed her by!


And now, a week remains before we bring Luke to college–the day I have been dreading for myself and looking forward to for his sake for many months.  A few days after that, Michaela will start school, and I will be quite alone with all these happy memories of summer.  A whirlwind of a summer it has been, and I wonder what the calm and quiet will be like.