Dusting Off

by Oak Hill Studio

It is rather painful for me to see how long I’ve put off posting here.  And each time I stop by wondering exactly how to pick back up, or even if I should, it becomes more and more difficult to do what should be done.  It’s interesting how sometimes cleaning is like that for me.  Like some little nook or cranny, or dirty windows that have collected dust for far too long, this place has grown dusty.  It is almost embarrassing to see that same old post about John Lennon’s Imagine, just lying there, the days piling up exposing my neglect.

Oh well, enough of that.  I am here to clean things up a bit and to freshen up.  There really isn’t too terribly much to catch up on.  I’ve just been busy with life; mothering, schooling, transporting, etc.  Luke is taking classes full time at the local community college as he finishes up his high school credits.  He has applied to several colleges and wants to study physics.  Michaela is taking several classes online; 2 languages and music appreciation.  I am overseeing her Algebra 2 and Biology.  She would like to attend a nearby semi-private school next year.  We will meet with a counselor tomorrow to see how much of what she has already done for high school will transfer for credit.  This is not something that I am particularly excited about, but for various reasons, she would like to try it out.  For my part, I am leaning heavily on the Lord, trusting that He will guide and provide!

As I continue to “let out the line” and transfer more responsibilities to my children, I have begun to focus on a few things for my own enjoyment and well-being.  That is not to say that I have been living an entirely self-sacrificing life.  That is not true.  But there has seemed to be a bit more time to do more of the things that I enjoy.  Since late September I have been doing an exercise routine of sorts.  I begin by doing various stretches, and then I proceed outdoors to “speed-walk” for about 30 minutes.  I do this about 5 days a week.  Bill had been encouraging me for months to “get some exercise,” but the toughest part was getting over the psychological hurdles.  Once I got going though, it became clear that I was beginning to really enjoy myself.  I would look forward to that time of the day, and I would make room for it in my schedule.  I still look forward to it!

Just before Christmas, I dug out Bill’s old mp3 player and started listening to recordings downloaded from Librivox.org.  Lately, I have been listening to G.K. Chesterton’s All Things Considered.  I had previously only done  the tiniest amount of reading Chesterton’s writings, so it has been a real treat to get to know him.  I find him incredibly insightful and witty.  So that has only added even more incentive to walk, because now I also get to exercise my mind while exercising my body.

One more thing about speed-walking, and I think I’ll close for this evening.  I have found it to be wonderfully toning–to just about every part of my body.  I have never really been overweight (thanks to inherited genes on my mother’s side), so I really didn’t have the incentive of losing weight.  I must say though how impressed I am at this form of exercise.  I used to run long distance in high school, however since my late 20’s when I had issues with neck and shoulder pain, I have felt that running would be actually harmful to me physically.  I am finding speed-walking to be (almost) as much of a thorough workout, and I love how I feel.  Guess I need to listen to hubs’ advice more often!  🙂