Saturday Doings

by Oak Hill Studio

In the Kitchen: Canning season is officially here.  The tomatoes are ripening gradually, so I only had enough to make four quarts today.  It was a bit of a hassle (I always forget that the rubber gasket needs to be soaked in hot water and stretched a bit after sitting in the basement for 11 months), taking twice the amount of time it should have, but it will be worth it this winter.  I love the extra tasty, bright red sauces that these tomatoes make.  I also love the fact that our family is benefiting in many ways from a simple, natural process of sowing and reaping and storing.  Good stuff in my opinion!

Around the House:  It feels rather quiet and a little empty without the added laughter and conversation of our departed house guest, Vicki.  Vicki lives in a borough of NYC.  We first met her three years ago, our first time hosting a Fresh Air Fund child.  I remember feeling quite nervous about having an unknown child stay with us for a whole ten days.  But we did pray that we’d get someone who would fit in well with our family, and that’s exactly what we got.  Vicki feels like family, and so, it takes some adjustment when we she goes home.  I’m pretty sure that ours has been the greater blessing.

Outdoors: As we pulled onto our road yesterday morning after dropping Vicki off at the bus, we were met by two rather quiet, and unhurried visitors.

The young one stood with its side to us for a bit. What a beautiful specimen! I am reminded of my sheep showing days when the goal was to get the animal to strike this very pose (not always an easy accomplishment when it comes to sheep.)

Pondering: While we were sitting in the car waiting for Vicki’s bus to arrive, I noticed this little flock of sparrows.They were very diligently picking and eating the grass seed heads for the longest time.  As I watched them fill their little beaks and bellies, I couldn’t help but think about Jesus’ words, “Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin?  And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will.  But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.  Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.”  How I wish that the human condition (at least my condition!) weren’t so easily desensitized–that these amazing words still carried the force they were intended to have.

As the Day Winds Down:  After a yummy supper of Pasta Primavera, Michaela and I have just finished a joint “highlighting hair session”–a do-it-yourself project that has yielded positive results in the past–hopefully this time too!  Though Michaela has a much more extroverted personality than me, we are quite similar in some ways, and the bug for blond highlights (that I’ve known since I was her age) seems to have bitten her as well. 🙂  I guess I’d better get to washing it out before the blond gets too blond!!  After which I hope to settle in for some reading of Green Dolphin Street, which is taking me longer to get through due to the busy schedule we’ve had going.  Ms. Goudge really has a way with words; I just love the way she paints such vivid pictures.   I’ll end with this lovely scene.

Over the top of the wall drooped a branch of the great magnolia tree, heavy with rain, every leaf turned to silver in the dawn, one great blossom dropping its waxen petals one by one upon the cobbles of the street below.  William watched each petal as it drifted slowly down, light as air, untarnished, lovely, until with a soft thud the whole flower fell and the branch above, relieved of its weight, sprang upward in delight and the raindrops showered down from it in a mist of silver spray.  A clock struck somewhere far down in the town, and then, quite suddenly as it seemed, the sun was up and the sea was a sheet of gold, and in the garden of No. 3 a bird was singing a mad, wild paean of praise because the storm was over and the night was done.