Thursday Journal Entry

by Oak Hill Studio

Be still and know that I am God…  Psalm 46:10

Today was a busy day filled with much activity.  After a late pancake breakfast, the girls (including Sandy) and I went for a walk down to the pond.  The sun was out in full force today, but the air was cool and dry, making for a pleasant walk.  After lunch I took the kids swimming, and then we made it back in time for Sandy’s third dog training session.  She’s really doing well, and I can’t believe we waited ten years to do this.  We thought she was hopeless when it came to training.  Not so!

Now, it is early evening.  Bill has taken the girls to church youth group, and the house is quiet.  I so enjoy having Vicki stay with us.  She truly was a blessing that the Lord sent our way three years ago.  (Vicki stays with us for several days during the summer through the Fresh Air program in NYC.)  As much as I enjoy company, it feels so nice to have a few quiet moments to myself.  I am soaking up the quiet…trying to clear my mind of clutter and focus on the rest that God has to offer.  I like what Leighton Ford says about rest:

“The rest God offers is the freedom to be fully present in the moment, free to reflect and enjoy what has been; to let go of the deficits and regrets that wear us down; free to envision what will be, what we are being re-created for; free to unburden ourselves of regretful thoughts about yesterdays and anxious thoughts about our tomorrows.”

I love that.  “..the freedom to be fully present in the moment…”  That is one type of freedom that Jesus gives His followers.  He is faithful and has promised to journey with us throughout our lives.  I have known this to be true, but on busy, distracting days, it is good to recall that He is here, and that whatever may be pressing or straining at my heart or mind can be given over to Him to take care of.  Such a gift!