Thoughts on Abiding

by Oak Hill Studio

Abide in Me and I in you….

I came across these insightful thoughts in The Attentive Life this morning.  (Thanks to Susan–I saw this book in one of her photos and thought it looked like a good read.  And it is!)

Inwardly, it is a ceaseless orientation toward Jesus, a constant looking to him, listening for his voice, seeking his ways.  Outwardly, it appears as an enduring persistence in this orientation, refusing every temptation to turn elsewhere for security, companionship, or hope….To abide in Jesus is to place Jesus, both devotion to him and discipleship to him, above all else.  It means letting other voices, other invitations–to profit, to pleasure, sometimes even to safety and self-preservation–go unheeded.  It means humble, gentle persistency in attending to Jesus and only to him, and a kind of unyieldedness to him alone.  (quote attributed to David Rensberger)