Up and Running

by Oak Hill Studio

View of the hill from our front yard. 

Ah.  Finally, it feels a little more like home here.  Welcome to my new blog.  (My previous blog–Learning to Follow.)

The busyness of travel and visiting with family, the long drive to and fro–so much good stuff packed into a relatively short amount of time has left me craving quiet and solitude and space to reflect and refocus.

I am sitting here enjoying the play of early evening light throughout the house.  The shadows are long, much like the shadows in the photo above.  It is my favorite time of day; a time to rest and quiet my thoughts with the day’s work behind.  And so, I thought it might be a good time to officially open this new blog.

I have a bunch of photos that I took while visiting my parents on the farm in IL that I plan to share soon.  Hopefully, tomorrow.

Meanwhile, my new (used) book, The Attentive Life, is calling.

So, again, welcome!